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In the interest of patient and public safety, we regret that strict visitor restrictions are in place in Cork University Maternity Hospital. We understand how difficult this may be and we will be there to support you. We thank you for your understanding. 

COVID-19 and Visitor Restrictions

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Consultant Led Speciality Clinics

Perinatal Medicine Clinic

The Perinatal Medicine Clinic is a structured, specialised antenatal clinic providing multi-disciplinary care for women who experience pregnancies necessitating increased care and surveillance. The PMC caters for patients with a wide variety of medical, psychological and social issues and works in close liaison with Anaesthetics, Neonatology, Renal, Cardiology, Haematology and Infectious Diseases specialist services. Patients can be referred to the PMC by their GP directly or by CUMH midwives/doctors at the booking visit. Perinatal medicine clinics take place on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Professor Richard Greene, Consultant Obstetrician

Professor John Higgins, Consultant Obstetrician

Dr Dan McKenna, Consultant Obstetrician

Dr Keelin O'Donoghue, Consultant Obstetrician

Dr Noirin Russell, Consultant Obstetrician

Dr Mairead O'Riordan, Consultant Obstetrician

Dr Mudathir Abdelmaboud, Consultant Obstetrician

Dr Manal Younis, Consultant Obstetrician

Dr Liam Plant, Consultant Nephrologist

Antenatal Diabetes Clinic

The antenatal diabetes clinic caters for pregnant women with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes as well as women with newly diagnosed gestational diabetes.

The clinic runs on Monday afternoons from 1.30pm to 5.30pm and is led by Dr Mairead O’Riordan and her team which comprises of two midwives, Norma Wing and Jacqueline Manning, both of whom have completed post graduate diplomas from UCD in diabetes care. The diabetes team in CUMH work in partnership with their dietician colleagues and support services. They are available on a dedicated mobile number (086 7872434) Monday-Friday 08.30-4.40pm for enquiries or referrals.

Women requiring endocrinology review are referred to Dr Tuthill/ Dr O’Halloran in Cork University Hospital or Dr Murphy in the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital. Dr Tuthill’s clinic runs concurrently to the Monday afternoon clinic in CUMH and Dr O’Hallorans clinic is held in CUH on Tuesday mornings. Dr Murphy holds a clinic Friday morning in SIVUH.

A walk in clinic for oral glucose tolerance testing in pregnancy is held every Friday morning . Women availing of this test should attend the outpatients department in CUMH between 08.00-08.30. An information leaflet for patients on the test is available to download here.

Initial advice for dietary management of Gestational Diabetes 

Gestational Diabetes is managed by following a healthy diet and monitoring your blood sugars. The following tips will help improve your blood sugars until you meet the Dietician and agree together an individualised meal plan. 

  • Ensure 3 regular meals every day
  • Avoid long periods without eating
  • Always include breakfast, a light meal and a main meal
  • Choose high fibre starchy foods at each meal e.g. porridge/ weetabix/ wholemeal bread/ wholemeal pasta/ wholegrain rice
  • Avoid added sugars e.g. sugar, fizzy drinks, sweetened cereals, biscuits, sweets etc
  • Suitable snacks for in between meals include fruit (apple/ orange/ pear/ nectarine), diet yoghurts, 1 slice of brown bread with low fat cheese
  • Reduce your fat intake- choose low fat dairy foods and avoid fried foods 

When you meet the Dietician you will be fully advised on how to manage diet and gestational diabetes.

Blood sugar report sheets are available hereto download.

Haematology Clinic

This clinic is held on alternate Mondays in the CUMH outpatients department. The Consultant Haematologist and the Haematology Registrar are supported by the Haemovigilance midwives. Pregnant women with bleeding disorders, clotting disorders or any other conditions requiring haematology review are referred to this clinic by their General Practitioner or Obstetrician. Referral letters should be addressed to the Haematology Consultant at the Haematology Department CUH.

Fetal Medicine Clinic

This clinic operates from the fetal assessment unit and caters for women with complicated pregnancies. Three Consultant Obstetricians who are specialised in Fetal Medicine attend –Dr Keelin O’Donoghue, Dr Dan McKenna, Dr Fergus McCarthy and Dr Noirin Russell. Specialist services in the management of fetal anomalies and multiple pregnancies are provided. Where appropriate, karyotyping, surgical, neonatal and genetic counselling is arranged before delivery, and patients attend the Perinatal Medicine Clinic for the remainder of the pregnancy. Midwife sonographers attend the fetal medicine clinic and assist with maternal blood tests as well as diagnostic and therapeutic fetal procedures.

Multiples Clinic

This clinic is provided for women who have twins or higher multiples on board and is led by Dr Fergus McCarthy. This clinic is run in conjunction with the multiple pregnancy scanning service and focused antenatal classes. The clinic runs on Monday afternoons.

Early Pregnancy Clinic

Early pregnancy care involves a range of staff including: Sonographers, Midwives, Doctors and Support staff who specialise in identifying and managing the problems of early pregnancy such as bleeding and pain. The EPC at the Aislinn Suite in CUMH runs every Monday to Friday from 8am to 1pm on an appointment only basis. Women with complications in early pregnancy are seen through referrals from their GP or from the Emergency Room in CUMH. This appointment will be prioritised based on the amount of bleeding, the number of weeks you are and what your doctor’s findings were when examined.

In early pregnancy to assist us in making a diagnosis there are two ways we can view the womb:

  1. Trans-abdominally (through the stomach) or
  2. Trans-vaginally (an internal scan)

A full bladder is required for the trans-abdominal scan, a minimum of one pint of water an hour before would assist in obtaining the best views. If views not obtained or pregnancy is too early we will then proceed to a transvaginal ultrasound with an empty bladder.

It is often a good idea to have the support of a partner, relative or close friend. However we have limited space in our waiting area and scan rooms so only one person will be allowed attend with you.

As per Hospital policy we ask you not to bring children.

Sometimes it is not possible to confirm a diagnosis in one visit and follow up ultrasounds and blood tests may be required over a subsequent number of days or weeks until a safe diagnosis has been confirmed.

If you have a query about your appointment or cannot attend an appointment, please contact us on 021-4920550.

Your GP can forward a referral to the Aislinn Suite by Fax on: (021) 4920590

Fertility Clinic

Cork University Maternity Hospital provides Fertility Assessment services for those finding it difficult to conceive. Formerly located in the CUMH antenatal outpatient area, the clinic has moved to St. Finbarr’s Hospital on the South Douglas Road. The clinic is currently run by one consultant Dr Moya McMenamin and two nurse specialists.  Patients can be referred to the clinic by their GP and should have relevant tests carried out in advance with results available for review at the first consultation. Due to budgetary constraints, waiting times for a first appointment may be up to 12 months. Please also be aware that restriction of treatments may be necessary (to patients with a reasonable chance of success). 

Fertility Clinic - GP Information leaflet available here.

Services Provided

The clinic carries out fertility diagnostic tests including:

  • Transvaginal Ultrasonography (a component of the first consultation)
  • Hysterosalpingography and Laparoscopy with hydrotubation ( to assess tubular normality)
  • Semen Analysis

The following Fertility treatments are provided:

  • Ovulation Induction (OII)
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • Fertility enhancing surgery (i.e. myomectomy)

PreConceptual Advise Clinic

This clinic provides advice to couples with pre-existing medical problems considering pregnancy and takes place weekly. The clinic is on a one to one basis with Professor John Higgins on Wednesday evenings.