Crisis Pregnancy

Crisis Pregnancy

Unplanned Pregnancy Support Services

My Options 

My Options is a freephone helpline from HSE. It provides a range of support for free, based on your needs.

This includes information about abortion services and medical support for anyone who is having or has had an abortion.

Judgement-free counselling is also available to anyone having an unplanned pregnancy.

Freephone 1800 828 010

Outside of the Republic of Ireland: 00353 59 916 5066

Information and counselling is available Monday to Friday: 9am to 8pm

Saturday: 10am to 2pm.

Medical advice- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


You must have an abortion in hospital if you:
  • are more than 9 weeks pregnant
  • have any medical conditions or health-related illness - such as severe anaemia, pre-existing heart disease or severe cardiovascular disease
  • have become pregnant despite using an intrauterine device (IUD) — an IUD is a contraceptive device, it used to be called a 'coil' or a 'loop'

If you need to go to a hospital to have an abortion, your GP will refer you.