NHSP - Leaflets and Booklets

NHSP - Leaflets and Booklets

The HSE’s Newborn Hearing Screening Programme has published a range of information to help parents understand the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme. 

Your baby will possibly need further hearing tests if the first hearing screening tests did not show a clear response in one or both ears. These tests will be done at the Audiology Clinic (Hearing Clinic) at St. Finbarrs Hospital. The leaflet "Your Baby’s Visit to the Audiology Clinic (Hearing Clinic)" explains what happens at the Audiology Clinic. 

We also have a checklist of sounds. This leaflet gives sounds that your baby should react to, and includes the other types of sounds your child should make as they grow older.

The Newborn Hearing Screening Programme based at Cork University Maternity Hospital recognises that some parents do not use English as their first language.

The UK’s NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme has kindly supplied us with the content of the UK leaflet "Your Baby’s Hearing Screening Test"  Please note that there are slight differences between the UK and "Irish Leaflet Your Baby's Hearing Screening Test". The screener manager at Cork University Maternity Hospital can show parents where these differences are.

Information on your baby's screening test in other languages can be found here.