Birth Reflections Service

Birth Reflections Service

The Birth Reflections Service has been set up to support you after the birth of your baby/babies.

The best time to come to this service will be something you decide for yourself, however, we recommend waiting at least 6 – 12 weeks after you give birth. You will meet with an experienced midwife outside of the hospital in one of our community-based clinics to reflect on your experiences and ask any questions you may have. This is a single appointment, usually lasting 1 hour.

The appointment is not limited to the birth itself, you can also tell us about an aspect of your pregnancy or your postnatal experience – whatever you feel will be most beneficial.

This service is open to anyone who has given birth in CUMH (or had a homebirth linked with CUMH) since 2020, or who is currently pregnant and attending CUMH.

There are no specific conditions to attend the Birth Reflections Service. You can refer yourself to the service no matter what type of birth you had. The service aims to provide a safe space for you to be listened to and express your personal experience. There will also be an opportunity to go through your hospital notes if you wish.

We ask that anyone who has given birth during the Cyber Attack in 2022 to please bring the hardcopy of their notes as access to some of this information may be limited.

Please note: this is not a counselling or complaints service.


Where is the appointment?

St. Mary’s Primary Care Centre – T23 VO9X

Zone C.

How long will the appointment last?

Usually 1 hour though the reflection is led by you and may take less time.

If there is more to wish to talk about after 1 hour we can book another appointment with you.

Can I bring a support person/my birth partner?


Can I bring my baby?

Yes. It may be helpful to bring a support person to mind the baby if they are likely to be awake, or in the case of an older baby, needing to move around. This is to give you enough time to get the most out of the appointment.

Is there parking/public transport?

Yes. There is free parking on-site in St. Mary’s Primary Care Centre.

The 202 and 202A buses leave from St. Patrick’s Street and go to St. Mary’s Primary Care Centre every 15 – 20 mins.

What do I need to bring?

You do not have to bring anything specific, however, it would be helpful to have your hospital number. If you have a paper copy of your hospital notes we would recommend bringing this with you.

Who will I meet?

You will meet one of the experienced midwives running the Birth Reflections Service – Gillian Walsh and Alex Campbell.

If you have been cared for by either of these midwives you may request to see the same midwife again or to see the one you haven’t met before.

 What can I expect from the appointment?

The appointment aims to give you a space to be listened to. You should feel heard, respected, and that you are in a friendly environment that is safe to reflect on any aspect of your experience that you wish. The Birth Reflections midwife will be able to look through your notes with you and help you ‘fill in the gaps’. Your birth partner is welcome to come and reflect with you if you wish.

Please note that if you wish to make a formal complaint, you will be directed to the complaints department, or you can fill out a Your Service, Your Say form.

What happens if I need further support after the appointment?

If any further referrals are needed, your Birth Reflections midwife will discuss this with you. Where possible you will be referred to services linked with CUMH.

 I had my hospital care during the Cyber Attack in 2022 – how do I get a hardcopy of my notes?

You can request your notes through the FOI (Freedom of Information).

 How do I get an appointment with the Birth Reflections Service?

You can email

Please include your name, hospital number, when you gave birth and any specific comments or questions you have. You will receive an automatic reply to this and one of the midwives on the service will ring you in the next 1 – 2 weeks.

An appointment date and time can then be made on this call.