Theatre Complex

Theatre Complex

The Theatre department in CUMH comprises four state-of-the-art theatres: 2 obstetric theatres and 2 gynaecological theatres. 

The theatre complex is situated alongside the Delivery Suite and all necessary staff are on-site and available at all times for both elective and emergency procedures. 


CUMH Gynaecology/Urogynaecology Operating Theatre 

Cork University Maternity Hospital is dedicated to the health of women and their families. As well as being the birth centre for Cork and its surrounding areas, CUMH specialises in the provision of gynaecology and urogynaecology care for women.

Each year the CUMH gynaecology/urogynaecology operating theatre carries out 716 procedures. 

The Gynaecology operating theatre is located within the delivery suite complex of the CUMH. It is one of 3 theatres that operate in the CUMH and is staffed by a dedicated team of nurses, doctors, porters and healthcare assistants. The theatre runs an elective list 4 days a week from 08.00 to 17.30. 

The main areas of procedures include:

  • Gynaecology (investigates and treats conditions affecting the reproductive system)
  • Urogynaecology (conditions that affect the lower urinary tract and pelvis)
  • Gynaecology oncology (diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the reproductive system) 
Some of the common procedures carried out in the CUMH gynaecology theatre are listed below: 
  • Hysteroscopy D&C
  • Hysterectomy (removal of the womb and the cervix)
  • Salpingoophrectomy (removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries)
  • Repair of vaginal wall prolapse
  • Trans obturator tape insertion
  • Transvaginal tape insertion
  • Cystoscopy 

This list is not exhaustive and includes both procedures carried out as investigations and as treatments for different conditions.

The CUMH gynaecology theatre operates one of two publically funded robotic surgical systems in the country. The Da Vinci robot is the only publically funded robot that is currently carrying out urogynaecology surgery in Ireland.