Early Pregnancy Unit

Early Pregnancy Unit

Early pregnancy care involves a range of staff including Sonographers, Midwives, Doctors and Support staff who specialise in identifying and managing the problems of early pregnancy such as bleeding and pain.

The Early Pregnancy Unit runs every Monday to Friday from 8am to 1pm on an appointment-only basis at the Kinsale Road Clinic, T12 F88X.


 Women with complications in early pregnancy are seen through referrals from their GP or the Emergency Room in CUMH. This appointment will be prioritised based on the amount of bleeding, the number of weeks you are, and what your doctor’s findings were when examined.

In early pregnancy to assist us in making a diagnosis there are two ways we can view the womb:

  1. Trans-abdominally (through the stomach)
  2. Trans-vaginally (an internal scan)
  3. A full bladder is required for the trans-abdominal scan, a minimum of one pint of water an hour before would assist in obtaining the best views. If views are not obtained or pregnancy is too early we will then proceed to a transvaginal ultrasound with an empty bladder.

It is often a good idea to have the support of a partner, relative or close friend. However, we have limited space in our waiting area and scan rooms so only one person will be allowed to attend with you. As per Hospital policy, we ask you not to bring children.

Sometimes it is not possible to confirm a diagnosis in one visit and follow-up ultrasounds and blood tests may be required over a subsequent number of days or weeks until a safe diagnosis has been confirmed.

If you have a query about your appointment or cannot attend an appointment, please contact us on 021-4927441.

Your GP can forward a referral to the early pregnancy unit by email or fax: (021) 4920590.