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In the interest of patient and public safety, we regret that strict visitor restrictions are in place in Cork University Maternity Hospital. We understand how difficult this may be and we will be there to support you. We thank you for your understanding. 

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Domino CUMH

The Domino (Domiciliary Care In and Out of hospital) approach allows the midwife and/or the general practitioner to monitor the mother throughout her pregnancy, be with her in hospital and to continue to provide her with care when she returns home. This service choice is offered to low risk women within a five mile radius of the hospital attending the maternity services in CUMH. This approach gives mothers continuity of care, facilitates a hospital-based birth and provides an early return from hospital.

The Domino team support the philosophy that pregnancy and birth is a normal albeit life changing event. The Domino team aim to empower and educate women to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to birth without medical intervention in a calm quiet environment with the support of a midwife who is known to them. To facilitate an early return home with the support of the Domino team to assist in the early days of initiating breastfeeding.

Martina Dillon, Lead Midwife, started in post in January 2014 along with a team of Domino midwives. You can contact Martina Dillon on 0867872396  or by email 

Further information

The philosophy of the Domino midwives is to facilitate a healthy pregnancy, an active and positive birth experience and ultimately a healthy mother and baby. The Domino midwives aim to facilitate women to achieve a normal natural birth. To do this we actively encourage women to prepare the mind and body for pregnancy, birth and adaptation to parenthood.

This can be achieved by:

  • Education- discussion with your midwife/reading/ attending parentcraft classes.
  • Nutrition- maintaining a healthy balanced diet to nourish you and your baby.
  • Exercising- giving birth is a physical task which requires stamina and strength. It is essential to maintain a good level of fitness whilst accommodating the possible limitations that pregnancy may cause.
  • Mental preparation- appreciation of the fact that this is a unique time which can be psychologically challenging and may unearth emotional issues which can sometimes be difficult


What is the CUMH Domino Service?

 The CUMH Domino Service is a high quality, woman-centered service for healthy pregnant women who are at low risk of complications in pregnancy.

  • Provides midwife-only care including physical, emotional, social support and health education for women who are likely to have a normal pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period after the birth.
  • Is separate to the consultant led service, but we work in very close partnership with the doctors.
  • Is organised and run by a team of midwives and has a senior midwife responsible for the day-to-day management of the service.


The CUMH Domino Service aims to give you

  • The same team of midwives to care for you throughout your pregnancy up until the   week after your baby is born.
  • One-to-one midwifery care throughout your birth.
  • Additional choice for childbirth.

What is a Midwife? 

The word midwife means ‘with woman’. We work in partnership with you and help you and your families take an active part in your maternity care. We are also able to recognise

problems and refer you to a doctor if you need to see one.

Who can avail of the CUMH Domino Service?

If you are likely to have a normal pregnancy, live within a 15km radius of Cork University Maternity Hospital then our service may be perfect for you. You can book the Domino service when you or your GP makes your first antenatal appointment in CUMH. If you have already made this appointment then just mention that you are interested in the Domino service to the midwife at that visit and subsequent appointments can be with the Domino team

What are the advantages to the CUMH Domino Service?

 We take the following steps to support a normal birth,

  • Small teams of midwives provide your care therefore you get to know your midwife.
  • We place particular emphasis on helping mothers to achieve a normal birth with as few interventions as possible.
  • We promote the use of water immersion for labour to facilitate a normal birth.
  • The same team of midwives will support you before and after the birth of your baby, so your new family gets the best possible start. 

Who works in the CUMH Domino Service? 

Midwives, midwifery students and midwife managers work in the CUMH Domino Service. Our midwives are highly skilled in the art and science of midwifery practice and are committed to the underlying philosophy of care.

What hospital facilities are available for the CUMH Domino Service? 

When you arrive to give birth, you will be in a birthing room in the Delivery Suite with your birth companion. Your midwife will help to make the room a relaxed and informal

environment, and encourage upright birthing positions.

After you give birth, you will move to the postnatal ward for at least 6 hours for a period of recovery before you go home to the care of your community midwife team.

What about my birth plan? 

You prepare for birth in the CUMH Domino Service the same way you do when attending the consultant team. It is important that you discuss your birth plan with your midwife while you are pregnant. Midwives in the CUMH will also be involved in antenatal education classes, which are the classes you go to before you have your baby.


How long do I stay in hospital after I have my baby? 

Women generally transfer home 6-12 hours after the birth but may need to stay longer if any complications arise in labour or postpartum period.

Your CUMH Domino midwife continues to look after you and your baby at home until the 5th postnatal day. If you or your baby develops a medical problem or you need to stay more than 24 hours, your care may be transferred to the consultant team. 

What happens after I go home from the hospital?

 A midwife who works in the CUMH Domino team will visit you and your baby. You and your midwife will decide together how often you need a visit after the birth. Five days after the birth, a public health nurse will take over your care from your midwife. Your local public health nurse, who may also be a midwife, is employed by your local HSE Primary Care Service. Later, your GP will carry out the postnatal examinations of you and your baby, known as the Six Week Check-up, as part of the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme.

Is the Domino Service safe?

National and international studies show that midwifery-led care is a safe alternative to consultant care for women who are healthy and likely to have a normal pregnancy and birth. The United Kingdom has been using midwifery led care for the past 25 years. Results from this model of care have been proven to be very safe.

A risk assessment will be done at your first antenatal visit to ensure you do not have any contra indications to attending the Domino service. You will also have a 22 week fetal anomaly scan of your baby as part of the Domino Service. Best international practice recommends that ultrasound scans at 12-14 weeks and 20-22 weeks is the standard for low risk pregnancies. A scan for liquor volume will also be performed by your midwife if you go beyond your due date.


Can my care be shared with my GP? 

Your GP will still continue to look after you as part of the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme whilst you are in the CUMH Domino Service. We recommend you register your pregnancy with your GP as early as possible. 


Will the Domino Service suit every mother to be? 

Sometimes women need to change to consultant care for the safety of either Mum or baby during the pregnancy. Firstly, if a medical review is needed at any time before your baby is born, your care will be looked after by the consultant team. Secondly, some women need consultant led care during labour.

Many women who move from CUMH Domino care to consultant care may go back to

Domino care for the postnatal period after the reason for the transfer has been safely dealt

with by the Consultant team. If you transfer from CUMH Domino care during labour, the midwife who has been caring for you in the Domino Service will, wherever possible, continue to care for you.

I would like to speak to someone about the CUMH Domino Service. Who do I contact?

If you would like more information, please contact Martina Dillon, Domino Lead Midwife (086) 7872396. /email