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In the interest of patient and public safety, we regret that strict visitor restrictions are in place in Cork University Maternity Hospital. We understand how difficult this may be and we will be there to support you. We thank you for your understanding. 

COVID-19 and Visitor Restrictions

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Midwifery Led Services

CUMH Outpatients Department

Midwifery delivered clinics run in CUMH OPD every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. When you book to avail of maternity care in the Cork University Maternity Hospital, your midwife will discuss the option of attending a midwives' clinic with you. This is a popular choice for many women. If complications arise during pregnancy the midwives will refer the woman to the obstetrician. The benefits of this option are that the woman will generally meet the same midwives for all of her antenatal care in the hospital and more time can be dedicated to her at each visit. Midwifery care for the birth of the woman’s baby and postnatally is provided by other hospital-based midwives.

Outreach Clinics - Cois Ti

Cois Tí (translated as near home) is Cork University Maternity Hospital’s outreach clinic initiative. It brings maternity and gynaecology services to the community.


Five outreach centres are now operational with a variety of services available. 


Antenatal clinics are held on a fortnightly basis in the outpatients department of Bantry General Hospital down in west Cork. One clinic is midwifery led and the other consultant led by Dr John Coulter. Midwives will provide the antenatal care. 

Carrigaline Primary Health Centre

St Mary's Health Campus

Antenatal clinics run on a weekly basis (Wednesdays) in St Mary's Health Campus on the north side of Cork city. Midwives provide antenatal care to ladies with low risk pregnancies at this location.

Mitchelstown Living Health Clinic

An antenatal clinic is held on a weekly basis (Wednesday mornings) in this primary care facility in the north of Cork county. Midwives Martina Dillon and Gertie Cole run the clinic. 

Mallow Primary Healthcare Clinic

Antenatal clinics run on a weekly basis (Thursday mornings) in this newly built primary care facility. Midwives Mary Jeffrey, Sharon Goggin and Liz Clancy provide antenatal care to ladies with low risk pregnancies at this location. 

Who can attend Midwifery Led Services?

At your 20 week visit to CUMH OPD a risk assessment will be carried out. If you are deemed low risk then you can attend the midwifery led services either in CUMH or in the Cois Tí (out reach) clinic in the locations listed above. If you are interested in midwife led services please discuss with your hospital doctor to see if you are suitable to attend.

Appointments for these clinics can be made by contacting central appointments at +353 (0)21 4920600 or when booking your return appointments in the Outpatients Department in CUMH.

Domino Service

The Domino (Domiciliary Care In and Out) of hospital aims to provide the same team of midwives to care for the mother throughout her pregnancy and birth and to continue to provide her with care when she returns home. This service choice is offered to low risk women within a five mile radius of the hospital attending the maternity services in CUMH. This approach gives mothers continuity of care, facilitates a hospital-based birth and provides an early discharge from hospital with full feeding support at home.

The Domino Service also works in very close partnership with General Practitioners and Consultant teams in CUMH.

The Domino team support the philosophy that pregnancy and birth is a normal albeit life changing event. The Domino team aim to empower and educate women to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to birth without medical intervention in a calm, quiet environment with the support of a midwife who is known to them.

As every woman is an individual, the facilities for our women within the CUMH are designed specifically with this in mind. The birthing room is equipped to support and facilitate freedom of choice in labour (eg. the water pool or birthing balls). Women are encouraged to personalise the birthing room environment and every effort is made to create a woman centred service within a safe relaxed environment. It is our hope that giving birth, will for those women using our service, be a fulfilling memorable experience.

Additional information is available from Domino Lead Midwife Martina Dillon on 086 7872396 (Tuesday, Thursday or Friday), email or follow link here for further information. 

Homebirth Service

The HSE Home Birth Service is provided by self employed community midwives (SECM), on behalf of the HSE, to women who choose this model of maternity care. Research shows that a planned home birth is an acceptable and safe alternative to a planned hospital birth for eligible pregnant women. Click here for midwives who are currently available in Cork & Kerry. Consult with your midwife or doctor to help you decide, if planning a home birth, is a safe option for you.

Consultant Obstetrician Dr Fergus McCarthy sees all women planning a home birth at our monthly clinic in CUMH where he will discuss this model of maternity care with you and access your suitability for a home birth. Your midwife, GP or hospital staff can arrange this appointment for you. Your chosen midwife and your GP will provide you with the remainder of your antenatal care and refer you to CUMH for further assessment, only if required. Your midwife will provide care for you during your labour, birth and throughout the early postnatal period for up to 14 days, at home. She will arrange for a second midwife to be present for your birth also. If your midwife needs to transfer your care to CUMH during labour, your midwife can accompany you into hospital and continue to support to you during your labour. Your midwife will speak to you about this and all other aspects of your care when you meet.

If your midwife feels you are suitable for this model of maternity care she will provide you with the information letter and application form for the service. The midwife will go through this application process with you and forward your signed application form to the HSE Primary Care. Jo Delaney & Siobhan Sweeney are the Designated Midwifery Officers for home births in Cork and Kerry and will process your application for your home birth. They can be contacted by email at or phone (087) 288 9499.

Information is also available on the HSE website: by typing "homebirth" into the search box.

Recent published annual reports for the HSE Home Birth Service are available at

Recent research is also available at