Perinatal Mental Health

06 May 2020

Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service

Perinatal mental health problems  are those that occur during pregnancy and up to one year post deliver.  They are relatively common and can range in severity from mild to more severe disorders.

The perinatal period is a time of both physical and mental change for women and while the physical impacts are often recognised and discussed, emotional changes may be forgotten or given less attention.

It is important that you speak to your GP, obstetrician or midwife if you feel you need to speak to someone. Your healthcare provider will be able to guide you and advise if you require input from the Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service. This service is available to women during their pregnancy and up to 6 months after the birth of their baby.

Our team consists of:

  • Dr. Deirdre Muller Neff, Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Anne O’ Flynn, Clinical Nurse Specialist Mental Health
  • Breda Bird, Perinatal Mental Health Midwife
  • Noelle Harris, Senior Social Worker Perinatal Mental Health
  • Evan O’ Mahony, Administrative Staff

Contact us:   Evan O Mahony on 021 423 4335

Perinatal Mental Health Team

Pictured above: Noelle Harris Senior Mental Health Social Worker; Breda Bird, Perinatal Mental Health Midwife; Evan O’Mahoney administrative support; Anne O’Flynn, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Deirdre Muller Neff, Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist, CUMH. Missing from photo: Rachel O’Donoghue, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Visiting Hours

In the interest of patient and public safety, we regret that strict visitor restrictions are in place in Cork University Maternity Hospital. We understand how difficult this may be and we will be there to support you. We thank you for your understanding. 

COVID-19 and Visitor Restrictions

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