Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care

Postnatal Exercise

Chartered physiotherapists specialising in the area of women’s health give advice about:

  • Pelvic floor exercises and perineal care
  • Strengthening your tummy muscles
  • Caring for your back
  • Returning to exercise
  • Encouraging your baby’s development
  • Do's and don’ts following a Caesarean section. 
You can find videos on the above here.


The midwives will discuss discharge times with your during your visits to the antenatal clinics. You should be ready and organised to leave by 11am on the morning of discharge.

Prior To Discharge

A midwife or doctor will examine you before you leave. Tell the midwife if you are going to an address other than one recorded on your hospital case notes so that the public health nurse will know where to visit. We will send a discharge letter will be sent to your GP with details of your pregnancy and birth in preparation for your six-week check-up. Before leaving, please ensure that you have not left any belongings behind and you have returned any borrowed hospital property.

Support On Discharge

For most mothers and babies, the postnatal period is uneventful. However, you may have concerns or questions about your recovery that you would like to discuss with a health care professional.

  • We will give you a card with the telephone number of the ward you were discharged from and this is a 24-hour service. An experienced midwife from the postnatal ward, where you were cared for will be happy to assist you with any queries or questions you may have and will give you support, information and advice about possible post natal problems and complications.
  • If you have any of the following symptoms it is important to go to your GP for a check-up: fever, excessive foul smelling vaginal discharge, abdominal pain, leg swelling or pain in the calves of your legs, breathlessness or headache.
  • Your GP will also help if you have been bothered by feeling down, depressed or if you have little interest or pleasure in doing things.
  • Booking routine check-ups with your GP is advised. The baby should be checked at two weeks old and the mother at six weeks after the birth. 

Assessment or Readmission Of Your Baby After Discharge

If your baby becomes unwell after discharge please contact your GP.

For after hours, family doctor service please contact Southdoc on telephone  0818 355 999.

If for some reason you cannot attend your GP or Southdoc, or your infant requires urgent care you go directly to the Emergency Department at CUH (Cork University Hospital).

The Emergency Room (ER) at CUMH is for adult obstetrical and gynaecological patients only.