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In the interest of patient and public safety, we regret that strict visitor restrictions are in place in Cork University Maternity Hospital. We understand how difficult this may be and we will be there to support you. We thank you for your understanding. 

COVID-19 and Visitor Restrictions

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Newborn Hearing Screening Programme - Other Languages


The Newborn Hearing Screening Programme based at Cork University Maternity Hospital recognises that some parents do not use English as their first language. The UK’s NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme has kindly supplied us with the content of the UK leaflet "Your Baby’s Hearing Screening Test" in the languages listed below. Please note that there are slight differences between the UK and "Irish Leaflet Your Baby's Hearing Screening Test". The screener manager at Cork University Maternity Hospital can show parents where these differences are.

ArabicDownload PDF
Chinese - SimplifiedDownload PDF
Chinese - TraditionalDownload PDF
FrenchDownload PDF
PolishDownload PDF
PortugueseDownload PDF
RussianDownload PDF
RomanianDownload PDF
SpanishDownload PDF

Content kindly supplied by the NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme / National Screening Committee, UK