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Please click the images below to access the relevant issue of UltraNews, the quarterly newsletter of the Ireland South Women & Infants Directorate.  Each issue features a range of stories from latest news, to what’s being happening in the key areas of education and research, to local stories from the four maternity units in the Directorate: Cork University Maternity Hospital and the maternity units in University Hospital Kerry, University Hospital Waterford and Tipperary University Hospital.

Winter 2021


Summer 2021                                       Spring 2021

Small Summer 21 newsletter cover        Spring 2021 UltraNews

Winter 2020                                         Autumn 2020  

UltraNews Winter 2020         Autumn 2020 UltraNews

Summer 2020                                      Spring 2020

Summer 2020 UltraNews        UltraNews Spring 2020

Winter 2019                                         Autumn 2019 

UltraNews Winter 2019        UltraNews Autumn 2019

Summer 2019                                       Spring 2019

UltraNews Summer 2019         UltraNews Spring 2019                                                                               

Winter 2018                                         Autumn 2018 

UltraNews Winter 2018         Autumn 2018

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Visiting Hours

In the interest of patient and public safety, we regret that strict visitor restrictions are in place in Cork University Maternity Hospital. We understand how difficult this may be and we will be there to support you. We thank you for your understanding. 

COVID-19 and Visitor Restrictions

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