CUMH Kinsale Road Clinic

CUMH Kinsale Road Clinic

Welcome to our newest clinic location, the Kinsale Road Clinic.

We are excited to offer two services at this clinic: physiotherapy and an early pregnancy scanning unit. Our team is committed to providing exceptional care to all our patients and we have highly trained professionals on staff to deliver the highest standards of care. Our newly renovated clinic will serve early pregnancy scan and anatomy scan patients and physiotherapy patients.  


Early Pregnancy Unit & Anatomy Scanning:

The Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) is a community service that cares for women in the early stages of pregnancy. It is for women who are experiencing non-severe abdominal pain, bleeding or other problems related to their pregnancy or have a previous history that may be concerning for them in relation to this pregnancy.

If you are bleeding heavily (having to change your sanitary pad more than once an hour) or experiencing a lot of pain, please go straight to the
Emergency Room at CUMH.


Chartered physiotherapists specialised in the area of women's health are available for assessment and treatment of pregnancy-related conditions before birth and also offer a postnatal continence service following birth. Many conditions that some may consider to be just aches and pains of pregnancy can be very effectively treated by physiotherapy.


If you have physical discomfort that is affecting your daily living or sleep, discuss it with your doctor or midwife, who can make a referral for you to be seen by a women's health physiotherapist.

You can call the Physiotherapy Department directly Monday to Friday between 10am to 12pm, and 2-3pm  on (021) 4927448

Address: 1st Floor, Unit 3, 3A and 4A, South Ring Business Park, Kinsale Road, Cork, T12 F88X